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We are the largest renter of band and orchestral instruments in the Stanislaus County. Our instrument rent-to-own program is the best way to obtain director-approved instruments into the hands of your students.

For the past 80+ years we have worked directly with local band and orchestral directors, to ensure your student starts on the right foot. Studies have shown that a child that begins their musical experience on a poorly made instrument is significantly more likely to quit within their first year. Therefore, we do not rent private branded Chinese instruments, because we believe quality does matter.

Beginning orchestral students require varyingly-sized instruments which are fitted them.  As your student grows, they will go through multiple instrument sizes, eventually leading up to a full-sized instrument.

See the Rental FAQ below for an outline about the program.

Gottschalk Music Center offers a Rent-to-Own contract for our student and intermediate level instruments, with a minimum non-refundable down payment of two months rent. All rented instruments include the necessary supplies to prepare the student to play immediately.

Once the obligations from the agreement are met, including all monthly payments and any late fees, the title of ownership will transfer to the customer.

The Rent-to-Own contract allows 100% of the accumulated equity to be used toward the ownership of the rented instrument and 80% of the equity may be used toward the student upgrading the instrument toward a more professional model. Our rental program allows flexibility for all musicians as they grow and progress in their musicality.

Monthly rental payments can be provided in the form of a debit/credit card, check, or cash. Payments may be made by electing for automatic payments with a debit/credit card with our Autopay option.  In addition, customers have the option of mailing a check to the store each month.

However, a statement fee is added if a customer does to not elect for the automatic payment option, as a statement will be mailed each month to the address on the contract.

The Rent-to-Own contract may be cancelled at anytime by returning the instrument and all supplies provided to Gottschalk Music Center at 133 Burney Street, Modesto.

The rented instrument must be returned in the same condition in which it was originally rented.

All maintenance on Gottschalk Music Center’s instruments must be repaired by the Gottschalk Music Center’s Repair Department.

For an additional charge, we offer maintenance and repair coverage to insure the instrument is maintained. Maintenance and repair coverage is available for all of Gottschalk Music Center’s rented instruments, as well as privately owned instruments. Privately owned instruments must be physically examined by our Repair Department to determine eligibility for coverage.

Our Repair Department can be reached at 209.523.5335.

All current customers must call the store and provide updated information if any account information changes, such as new address, phone number, and debit/card information.

For additional questions regarding Gottschalk Music Center’s Instrument Rental Program, please call 209.523.5326, or feel free to stop by at 133 Burney Street, Modesto, CA 95354.